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Hypnotic Liquor

Have you ever heard of hypnotic liquor (the original name is Hpnotiq Liqueur) ? You'll know it if you are an alcohol lover, especially to the ladies of night. It is a pale beautiful blue liquor. Hypnotic liquor combines the most exceptional characteristics of Premium Vodka , Pure Cognac and Natural Tropical Fruit Juices to create a level of taste and quality that is refined and elegant.


Hypnotic liquor quickly became the drink of choice for celebrities.Word of mouth spread as bartenders began to use the brand as an alternative ingredient in cosmopolitans and martinis.  Since its release in 2001 Hypnotic liquor has scaled to the top of the luxury liqueur market and is a staple for many bars.

In June 2011, HPNOTIQ launched its first line extension, HPNOTIQ Harmonie. Its vibrant violet color and refreshing blend of infused berries, violets, lavender and premium spirits makes any occasion more fabulous.

The brand was originally distributed by Wingard Inc. of Great Neck, New York; in January 2003, Yakoby's trademark and the distribution rights were acquired by Heaven Hill Distilleries. Hypnotic Liquor is bottled in France's Cognac region and the vodka is premium French. The Alcoholic level is 17% and is distilled three times in the process.

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  1. want to distribute this liqour in kenya

  2. want to distribute this liqour in kenya

  3. want to distribute this liqour in kenya

  4. It really good with sprite

  5. It really good with sprite

  6. It really good with sprite

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