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Types of Alcohol


Did you know, alcoholic beverages are divided into spirits, liquor, beers and wine. Any idea what’s the difference between them? Here is a little explanation about it.


Spirits has at least 20% of alcohol volume, is a distilled alcoholic beverages without any sugar added in the process. Well known spirits include rum, gin, vodka, brandy, whisky and tequila.


Liquor on the contrary is a distilled beverage with sugar and flavoring added in the making process. American schnapps, Frangelico and Grand Marnier are types of liquor.


Beer is not distilled alcoholic beverages, with maximum alcohol content limited to 20% ABV (alcohol by volume), beer is produce by brewing and fermentation of sugars which are mainly derived from malted barley, malted cereal grains and malted wheat. It is limited to 20% ABV because most yeast cannot reproduce when the concentration of alcohol is above this level on the consequence, fermentation process cease at this point.


Like beer, wine is also undistilled alcoholic beverages and the maximum alcohol content is also limited to 20% . Mostly wine is made from grapes. Except from grapes, it can also be made from non toxic plant and fruits.

So, after knowing the differences between them, which are your favorites? And which brand is it? Leave a comment to let me know :) . In the next posting, i’ll write about how to produce your own alcoholic beverages. So in the meanwhile, check out my other article like alcohol addiction symptoms (make sure you’re not addicted), alcoholic drinks recipe, bartender recipes (how to be a great bartender), etc.